Shark Tank Winner Speaks to Stewart County Scholars

Shark Tank Winner speaks to students

Youth advocate, entrepreneur, author, executive producer and Shark Tank winner, Bob Mackey, recently visited Stewart County Schools. Bob spoke about “Dreaming Big” and overcoming obstacles. Even though Mr. Mackey was identified as gifted, he still  eventually  dropped out of school. He later received his GED and college degree.  He states that he is one of those kids who wasn’t supposed to make it. 

He knows some students may also feel this way. He spoke to both middle school and high school students. He let students know that they are in charge of their future and they can make it. In addition to speaking to youth, Bob provides opportunities such as scholarships, technical equipment and mentorship. Bob looks forward to continuing to work with Stewart County students.

Nicole Mallory, Stewart County CTAE Director, coordinated this event.